The Winds In Our Sails


Boy Andrew WK170.

Build by Wick based skippers Andrew Bremner Snr and Jnr in Hvide Sande, Denmark, in 2016, this seine netter is 27.5 meters long with an 8 meter beam and supplies us with cod, hake and monkfish livers.


Kingfisher DH110.

Built in Holland in 1998 and weighing in at 163 tonnes and measuring 22.94 meters in length with a 7 meter beam, skipper Neil Giles (Buzz) supplies us with shellfish; especially lobster and brown crab.


Atlantic Challenge PD 197.

Built in 1999, this 40 meter × 10 meter trawler is skippered by John and Alexander Buchan and they regularly supply the restaurant with jumbo haddock, monkfish and hake.

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Humes Smokeshack

Humes is a small, family run, Orkney based, producer of smoked fish, cheese, mussels, olives and pates. Using quality Orkney ingredience and traditional brining and oak smoking the rich natural flavours are given a modern twists!


Orkney Sourdough Co.

This artisan bakery, run by Swedish chef and kitchen wiz Karin Jonsson, is located in the heart of Orkney where she ‘nurses the sourdoughs’ turning out freshly baked craft breads daily, each one enshrining Scandinavian undertones.

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Caledonia III BCK 35.

Recently built by Steven Clarke in Buckie this twin rig trawler has a registered length of 16.48 meters and a 7.2 meter beam and supplies us with megrim soles, monkfish and gurnard.


Rois Mhairi OB 45.

This member of the Responsible Fishing Scheme is skippered by Ian Fletcher and his 18.95 meter Oban registered scalloper supplies us with sustainable king scallops caught around Orkney and the far north coast.


Holborn Fishing Co Ltd

Holborn Fishing Co Ltd are a Scrabster based supplier and trader of excellently treated live Scottish shellfish which they also export abroad, bring the best of the highlands to the Continent.

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Highland Fine Cheeses

Rory and Susannah Stone continue a family tradition founded in the 1950’s and their micro dairy is fueled by the very best cow milk from two local farms, Sibster just west of Wick and Thrumster, with its herd of organic Jersey cows.


Caithness Summer Fruits

Having grown fruits on their organic croft near Halkirk in Caithness since 1992, Patricia Sutherland provides us with incredibly juicy strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants and gooseberries.


Russa Taign K193.

This Orkney trawler is skippered by Peter and Paul Harcus and measures 27.41 meters long with a 8.5 meter beam and supplies tusk, saithe and ling and is soon to be replaced by a new vessel being built in Denmark.


Keila K121.

Skipper Tommy Tullock controls this 28-metre whitefish trawler recently built at the Nauta-Hull yard in Gdynia, Poland and fitted out in Vestværftet Shipyard in Denmark which supplies us with haddock and catfish.

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Orkney Gin Company

Orkney Gin Company is a family run business based in Orkney and the botanicals found growing in this wild environment have formed the bases of their Multi-award award winning gins.

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Dunnet Bay Distillers

Rock Rose gin gets is unique flavor from a carefully selected danced bonded creation of local and traditional botanicals, each one meticulously chosen for their specific properties to create the perfect taste.

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De Burgh Wine Merchants

This wholesaler supplies a wide variety of restaurants, hotels & bistros throughout Scotland and offers a unique range of wines that are a ‘true reflection of who made them and where’.


Aalskere K373.

Skippered by Iain Harcus and William Brown this trawler measures 33.89 meters with an 8.70 meter breadth and supplies us with redfish, squid and pollock; soon to be replaced with a new ship being built in Denmark


Venture 111 BF 326.

Skippers Mark Lovie and Alan Addison navigate this 29.9 meter long and 10.5 meter broad Macduff built trawler, regarded as the most advanced whitefish trawlers in the UK, suppling unusual deep water species.

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Orkney Craft Vinegar

“THE BEST VINEGAR YOU CAN BUY” James Martin, celebrity chef. This hyperlocal and sustainable Orkney brewery produce raw, unfiltered, living handcrafted vinegar, with the mother so special.

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Cumbrae Oysters Ltd

Established in 1995, Cumbrae Oysters Ltd is a family run company on the West Coast of Scotland operating an oyster farm, fishing vessel and fully approved shellfish depuration and dispatch facility.


Connage Highland Dairy

This award winning company supply Captain’s Galley with a full and wide range of handmade cheeses and a superb hand-picked selection of guest cheeses from Britain and the Continent.


Pierowall Fish Ltd

This small family run business situated on the beautiful island of Westray in Orkney process a wide range of fresh fish and produce a range of seasonal cooked products.

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Donaldsons of Orkney

Since 1955, Donaldsons have pushed the boundaries of innovation in meat and fish products, retaining the traditional flavours and recipes that founded their business.


Isle of Skye Sea Salt

Isle of Skye Sea Salt is a multi-award winning premium quality product made entirely from the pure, clean waters of Loch Snizort on the Isle of Skye, using just the sun and wind.


Bell’s Seafood

Bells’s is renowned for its quality local fish and shellfish and they aim is to bring ‘Highland produce to the Highlands of Scotland’, and quickly, to retain its freshness.